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Hey WhatsApp

Hey Whatsapp allows its all users to make extreme level changings and editing in their whatsapp including extra privacy and security with its newly added enhanced features that they never find in official whatsapp.

Android .08+

Version: V 21.00


As we all know that there is no life without whatsapp nowadays, everyone is using whatsapp for their communication and social sharing activities. There are countless users that are using whatsapp to share their text messages, images, videos and stories.

Whatsapp has many features that are more important for any social communication application to maintain their security and privacy. Whatsapp ensures users privacy as it is end-to-end encrypted.

As this messaging app provides you many options but users are demanding new and modified features that can make whatsapp more controlled and advanced, so developers fulfill users requirements and make copies of official whatsapp that are also called whatsapp copies same like GB whatsapp apk.

Hey WhatsApp mod apk

Whatsapp hey is the modified copy of traditional whatsapp, you can download many whatsapp copies with multiple whatsapp version. We are going to talk about Hey WhatsApp, which is one of the most famous whatsapp copies with extra modified options that are never seen before in any whatsapp Apk.

HeyWhatsApp breaks all the limits that are in official green whatsapp now you can use limits free whatsapp to share your text messages, images, videos and stories. You also have a new log list of modified features and new advanced options in messaging, customizations, security and privacy.

What is Hey WhatsApp ?

Hey whatsapp is the most famous and demanding whatsapp Apk which has a list of newly added and modified options to give its users a new way of communication. This is a modified version of whatsapp messaging application.

This whatsapp Apk has exciting new messaging features in which you can recover your deleted messages, prevent your chats from being deleted and too many other new options in messages.

You also have a long list of increased limits features in which you can share too many images and videos without any limits like official whatsapp, you can also manage your whatsapp interface according to your favorite design with themes and wallpapers.

This is a third party developer application that can be made with the same like whatsapp but made by open source so as per google play store policies you can not download it from google play store, you can download it from any trusted and reputed website that provides whatsapp Apk.

Why do we prefer Whatsapp Hey ?

Hey whatsapp is a modified whatsapp version that allows its users to do many changes in this whatsapp Apk or customize it user interface according to user’s choice other options are not available in traditional whatsapp

You have many other options like you have anti delete messages option, status downloader, anti ban, new security options, new and modified hiding options that can make your whatsapp more private and secure.

If anyone wants whatsapp advanced options which are discussed then this modified version is best for that user because it has all the features that are expected in any whatsapp Apk

Is HeyWhatsApp is safe ?

As we all know that this whatsapp version is a modified copy of official whatsapp and not original whatsapp, it is made by developers to give new advanced features to its users same like whatsapp FM. You can use it for your daily life activities and communications to enjoy its useful features and make your whatsapp activities more fast and reliable.

As per over views we don’t recommend you to share your personal data like your private images and videos in any whatsapp even official whatsapp or in whatsapp versions use these communications app just for your daily life communications.

Application Information

App Name Hey WhatsApp
VersionV 21.00
Size57 MB
Latest Update 1 Day Ago
ModsAll Mod Features
Downloads 1000000+
Category Social Media
Operating System Android

HeyWhatsApp Download Latest Version V 21.00

WhatsApp Hey Requirements

Operating systemVersion
AndroidOS 4.1 and more
iPhoneiOS 12 and more
KaiOS2.5.0 and more

Main Features

Status Downloader

I am sure you are facing status downloading issues in your official whatsapp, may be you are using any other application for status downloading or use any other way for downloading anyone’s status.

Now you have a status downloader option in your whatsapp, whatsapp hey provides you single click status downloading option, so you can easily download whatsapp status without any other app or other trick.

Anti Ban

Many users are asking about whatsapp versions banning issues so developers made this whatsapp copy with anti ban features so now your whatsapp can not be banned by anyone.

Unique interface

Now you can make a unique interface of your whatsapp with different colors, wallpapers, themes and fonts. Using these options you can make your whatsapp interface exactly you want because this whatsapp Apk allows its users to make different types of changes in interface and chat bubbles.

Addition of emojis

Whatsapp has almost all old emojis because whatsapp official does not update its emojis for a long time and users are not getting bored with those old emojis. So there is a good news now you can use a huge collection of emojis and you can also update these emojis for add new emojis in your collection.

Built in lock

As we know that whatsapp is a social communication app and we can also use it for our personal communications and sharing so its compulsory to make it secure. So this whatsapp Advanced version gives us new unique features, now you have a built in lock that makes your whatsapp more secure. you can also try WhatsApp Fouad.

You have multiple options to make a lock on your whatsapp chats like you can apply passwords, PIN, Pattern and fingerprint.

New Theme

Themes are the most powerful elements in any application to give a beautiful interface to the application, so Hey Whatsapp gives you multiple new themes. Now you can get rid of 2 traditional whatsapp themes: light and dark.

Anti delete messages

Anti delete message is a very useful feature that protects your chat and makes it more secure as compared to official whatsapp. As we know, the official whatsapp allows the sender to delete the message within the required time even if the receiver sees the message. But now this unique whatsapp Apk gives you the best chat protection.

File sharing limits

File sharing limits is the worst feature of official whatsapp that irritates many user. When they share a little bit of a long file whatsapp breaks sharing and applies sharing limit restriction. as you know Red whatsapp Apk breaks all these types of limitations and gives a limited free sharing to its users.

Change Icon

Icon is the main representative of any application and you may also say that the logo of the application, this whatsapp Apk named hey whatsapp gives you the option to change your whatsapp logo/icon and set it according to your choice.

Hide Online Status

Online status tells the online visibility of the user so now you can hide your online status with advanced features because you know that in official whatsapp if you can hide your online status you can also be prohibited to see any other online status.

Forward Tag

Forward tag shows that this message will be forwarded many times. That means this message is forwarded not created by the last sender. So if you use whatsapp you have this unique feature in which you can hide your forwarded tag.

New Features Added

  • Launch Time Speed Improved
  • Optimized Backup.
  • New Animated Stickers.
  • Disable DND Mode.
  • Privacy Control.
  • Anti Revoke.
  • Double Tick Hidden.
  • Copy anyone’s status.
  • Hide typing status.
  • Share audio 100 MB limit size.
  • Share Video 50 MB Limit size.
  • Anti view Once.

Download and Installation guide

As you know this is a modified version of official WhatsApp and developed by developers so it is not available on official google play store. So if you want to download the Hey WhatsApp Apk Latest version just download it from our website

Download And Install in Android

Follow these simple steps to download and install the WhatsApp Apk:

  • Just go to your WhatsApp setting and secure you chat by creating a backup
  • Go to settings>chat backup>Backup.
  • Second step to allow the installation from unknown devices
  • Go to settings>security>Unknown devices and enable it
  • After that just click the file and install by clicking on install button and wait for some time to complete installation.
  • When installation is complete, open the installed application and allow all the required permissions which are needed.
  • Now you WhatsApp is installed.
  • Provide your mobile number for verification.
  • OTP will receive on your mobile.
  • Enter the verification code in your WhatsApp.
  • Your WhatsApp is ready to use!

Download and Install in PC

If you want to download the Hey WhatsApp on your PC. You can use that on you pc and enjoy the features of WhatsApp Apk but before installing the APK file in your PC you have to download an android emulator in your PC for this which supports to run Apk file in your PC.

Please follow these simple steps to download and install the WhatsApp Apk on your PC:

  • Download an emulator like BlueStacks. (If you don’t have in your pc)
  • Open it in you pc.
  • Now download the WhatsApp Apk apk file in your PC from given download link.
  • Now drag and drop the file from your pc to emulator.
  • Now open the apk file in you emulator.
  • Tap on install button.
  • Installation will start and complete in a few seconds.
  • After installation is complete your will see the icon on your emulator screen.
  • Open WhatsApp Apk and allow all required permissions.
  • Now enter you mobile phone number which you want to use in WhatsApp.
  • Verify your number and enjoy WhatsApp Apk in your PC.


This is a copy of traditional whatsapp that allows you many new advanced options which you have never used before in any whatsapp. This is a modified copy of official whatsapp made by developers to modify its features to facilitate the users. This is a modified copy so it is not uploaded on google play store you can download it from google directly. It has many new features like anti delta message, anti view once, download whatsapp status and many more options are listed in this whatsapp Apk. You can use it to enjoy its features and modified limits.


Whatsapp Hey is a modified copy of official whatsapp and it is not made by the whatsapp team so we recommend you to use it just for your daily routine life not for your personal information sharing and confidential images and videos sharing.

You can download Hey Whatsapp From any trusted and highly rated website from google.

No, you can not use this whatsapp version on your iPhone or iOS because it is only available for android smartphones.

Yes, you can use Hey WhatsApp on your PC with the help of any emulator.

Yes, Hey WhatsApp developers released regular updates for its users.

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