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DM WhatsApp is one of the newly launched modified versions of official WhatsApp that allows you to make unlimited customizations and convert their WhatsApp into personal whatsapp with the help of its new and advanced features.

Android .08+

Version: V 2.20


Whatsapp allows its users to make conversation with their friends, families and other peoples all over the world with the help of an internet connection and it is totally free of cost you don’t pay any cost for using whatsapp.

WhatsApp gives us a lot of features with the help of which we can communicate with our friends and loved ones in which we can share images with them, share videos, share text messages and many more files can be easily shared with each other with a single click, apart from this we can also upload status on WhatsApp, upload videos of our daily routine and gain unlimited followers by creating a WhatsApp channel.

WhatsApp is the most used communication application in the world at this time which is trusted and used by billions of users to communicate with each other. As there is Whatsapp Royal advanced version with same features. It is also used for many business purposes. There are many versions of WhatsApp like WhatsApp Business and also WhatsApp apks that provide modified versions.

WhatsApp DM Apk

DM WhatsApp Apk is a copy of WhatsApp and also known as WhatsApp advanced version, this WhatsApp is created by third party developers using the official WhatsApp source code with modifications. And some new features have been added to provide a better platform for WhatsApp users.

In this WhatsApp you also get many new features like you can download anyone’s status with a single click and also it has many features in which the limits have been increased so that better communication can be provided. There is other whatsapp version that have same features called WhatsApp GB modified version.

What is DM WhatsApp ?

DM WhatsApp is a modified version which is also known as a copy of WhatsApp and its purpose is to provide a best, fast and modified modern platform for the users. These features are not available in WhatsApp Official and many features of WhatsApp Official have been modified to extend their limits and add advanced features. You have to search for whatsapp DM providers on google and download from their website you won’t find it on google play store.

FM WhatsApp apk is also one of the best WhatsApp modified version that provides a lot of new features to Vote Up which can recover deleted messages, download WhatsApp status, use new themes, have many customization options including font Styles are provided and backgrounds of different colors are provided so that you can give a new look to your WhatsApp by doing all kinds of editing in it.

Why do we prefer Whatsapp DM ?

DM WhatsApp is a modified copy of WhatsApp Official which provides you with a lot of modifications that you can use to customize your WhatsApp and set your own privacy settings. You can show what you want to your contacts, you can hide what you don’t want to share with your contacts and despite using all these features, you can view all the status messages of any of your contacts. You can’t find it on official WhatsApp.

So those who love such modifications and want to use their WhatsApp in a unique way can use these features to give their WhatsApp a new look. they can also try other WhatsApp version like King whatsapp apk.

Application Information

App Name DM WhatsApp
VersionV 2.20
Size33 MB
Latest Update 1 Day Ago
ModsAll Mod Features
Downloads 1000000+
Category Social Media
Operating System Android

DMWhatsApp Download Latest Version V 2.20

WhatsApp DM Requirements

Operating systemVersion
AndroidOS 4.1 and more
iPhoneiOS 12 and more
KaiOS2.5.0 and more

Main Features

Status Download

One of the most demanded features of WhatsApp users is the status download feature. WhatsApp app does not give the option to download anyone’s status. To download it, users can use different types of applications with the help of which they download anyone’s video status or image status.
To meet this deficiency DM WhatsApp has introduced this feature in which now you can download anyone’s status and you don’t need to use any download application for this.

Media Sharing Limits

WhatsApp provides you the option of media file sharing but it also has many limitations so this mod apk has brought extended limit media file sharing for you with the help of which now you can share the file up to 90 MB and you can also share multiple files at a time.

Black Interface

DM WhatsApp provides many new and unique interfaces among which the most beautiful and demanding Black Layout is a very beautiful and unique type of layout that converts your complete WhatsApp into black color. It happens

Privacy Options

DM WhatsApp APK provides you with many privacy options to make your WhatsApp private. You have many hiding options, you can recover deleted messages. And apart from that, anti view once feature is also provided to you which makes your communication much more private.


You guys know that animations provide a new style to your content, with the help of which you can make your content unique and give it a great interface, so this WhatsApp introduces a lot of new animations to improve your messaging experience.

App Icon

Many users also love the WhatsApp icon change feature with the help of which they want to change their icon because they are bored of seeing the same icon for a long time, so for such users WhatsApp DM provides a very good feature in which you can also redesign your icon and change its colors etc and create a new icon with many customization options.

Message Schedule

Message Scheduler is a feature with which you can schedule any message for any time. You can schedule your message and get rid of sending messages at a particular time. Your message will be sent automatically at your scheduled time.

Chat Screen Customization

As WhatsApp DM provides a lot of customization, it also provides the option to customize this chat screen with the help of which you can change the background of your chat screen and design it in different colors. You can design the boxes of your chats in different ways, assign different fonts and make many such changes in your chat screen as well.

Hide Blue Tick

Hide blue tick is an option through which you can hide the notification of your message receipt. Through blue tick we can find out whether our message has been seen by the person receiving it or not. So now you can hide this option by using whatsapp DM.

No Forward Tags

You know that whenever you forward a received message to someone, there is a forward tag option at the top which shows that you have forwarded the messages and not just typed or created the message. In this WhatsApp apk you get the option to forward any message by hiding your forward tag.

Anti Delete Message 

Anti-delete messages is a feature through which you can prevent your messages from being deleted. When anyone sends you a message and deletes that message in a short time and deletes it with delete for everyone then according to the official WhatsApp, it will also be deleted from your chat but DM WhatsApp has announced this feature in which it secures the messages in your chat. Even once the message has been received by you it cannot be deleted again from your chat.

Last Seen Freeze

Last Seen is a feature through which you can find out when a user was last online. In official WhatsApp, if you use this feature then you are also not able to see others last seen, but DM WhatsApp provides this feature to you that you only hide your last seen and see others last seen.

Avatar Profile

DM WhatsApp provides you avatar profile option through which you can design a unique type of profile picture in which you have options to create male, female pictures by selecting hair style, color, clothes and face styles so you can design a unique type of profile picture by selecting color and dressing etc.

New Languages

This whatsapp apk provides many languages through which you can convert your whatsapp and your chat into any language now you don’t need any translator application or google translator. You can easily convert any of your messages in any language with a single click.

Auto Reply

Auto Reply is a feature that allows you to send an automatic reply to any of your incoming messages, so you don’t need to be online or use WhatsApp, just type a message and you have to set it to auto reply after that whenever you receive a message your designed message will be automatically forwarded.

New Features Added

  • Communicate Unknown Number.
  • Send Messages Using Name.
  • Including New elements.
  • Share And Send Different Files.
  • Create A Custom List To Share Status.
  • Bookmark Messages.

Download and Installation guide

As you know this is a modified version of official WhatsApp and developed by developers so it is not available on official google play store. So if you want to download the DM WhatsApp Latest version just download it from our website

Download And Install in Android

Follow these simple steps to download and install the WhatsApp Apk:

  • Just go to your WhatsApp setting and secure you chat by creating a backup
  • Go to settings>chat backup>Backup.
  • Second step to allow the installation from unknown devices
  • Go to settings>security>Unknown devices and enable it
  • After that just click the file and install by clicking on install button and wait for some time to complete installation.
  • When installation is complete, open the installed application and allow all the required permissions which are needed.
  • Now you WhatsApp is installed.
  • Provide your mobile number for verification.
  • OTP will receive on your mobile.
  • Enter the verification code in your WhatsApp.
  • Your WhatsApp is ready to use!

Download and Install in PC

If you want to download the DM WhatsApp on your PC. You can use that on you pc and enjoy the features of WhatsApp apk but before installing the APK file in your PC you have to download an android emulator in your PC for this which supports to run Apk file in your PC.

Please follow these simple steps to download and install the WhatsApp apk on your PC:

  • Download an emulator like BlueStacks. (If you don’t have in your pc)
  • Open it in you pc.
  • Now download the WhatsApp apk file in your PC from given download link.
  • Now drag and drop the file from your pc to emulator.
  • Now open the apk file in you emulator.
  • Tap on install button.
  • Installation will start and complete in a few seconds.
  • After installation is complete your will see the icon on your emulator screen.
  • Open WhatsApp apk and allow all required permissions.
  • Now enter you mobile phone number which you want to use in WhatsApp.
  • Verify your number and enjoy WhatsApp apk in your PC.


DM WhatsApp is one of the modified versions of WhatsApp in which you get many features that you will not find in the official WhatsApp, features that have been limited or limited by the official WhatsApp. In the modified version, their limits have also been increased and they have been further modified. These modified versions of WhatsApp are not available on Google Play Store. You can download them from any trusted website on Google. These versions are made by third-party developers and many new features have been added in them, in which you have messaging features, privacy features, customizations and different new themes are added. Many more features have been added which have become the need of users according to today’s demand. These WhatsApp advanced versions are third-party developed so we recommend you to use them for your personal use. Avoid sharing data such as images, videos, private pictures, whether you are using WhatsApp or any other communication application avoid sharing such data.


Whatsapp DM Offers many new features that are not available in official whatsapp and many existing features are modified to improve their efficiency.

Yes, you can use all whatsapp official features in this whatsapp version.

Yes, you can mute yourself during a group call as it offers all whatsapp official features.

You can download whatsapp DM from any trusted website or from

\you can update by downloading updated versions from our website or allow notification so that whenever a new update is released you will receive a notification.

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