Top 10 Whatsapp Advanced Version For Android With Official Anti Ban

Whatsapp is the most popular and world wide growing social messaging application that has more than 10 million users from all over the world. It is the biggest plate form for messaging that is totally secure and encrypted so your conversation is completely secure and safe. we sort out top 10 Whatsapp Apks for android.

This is a social sharing app in which you can share your thoughts in whatsapp status, you can reply to other’s status, you can send messages to your friends or other contacts, you can share images, videos and other files, documents and locations within a second.

Top 10 Whatsapp Mods For Android

Whenever we talk about WhatsApp apks one thing that comes to our mind is that its security and privacy that are the concerns of many people who are conscious about their security and privacy there is also the fear of getting banned from WhatsApp. We will recommend you to always use non essential numbers and share only non essential data. Never share your important data on WhatsApp apk.

We are going to talk about the list of Top 10 whatsapp apk for android that have best modified features that are not available in WA officially. You have multiple advanced whatsapp but we discuss only versions of modified whatsapp.


Whatsapp Apks are developed by third party developers so we recommend you that don’t use your personal data in these whatsapp Apks, you also have risk of banning from whatsapp while using this these whatsapp apks. so try it on your own risk.

Top 10 Whatsapp Apks For Android

We are going to discuss the top 10 whatsapp advanced version that have best advanced features we differentiate these whatsapp apks on the basis of different stats and features:

1. GB WhatsApp

WhatsApp GB

GB whatsapp comes with extra new features that were missed in official WA so you have many new features in this whatsapp apk like you can change the theme of your whatsapp. You can set multiple options in your whatsapp to make your whatsapp more private.

This is the best whatsapp apk that has almost all the modified features with new limits so you can simply download it and use its all charming new features. It has almost more than 5 billion downloads on google so we put in on top of the list in Top 10 Whatsapp Apks For Android see more details and download Whatsapp GB.

Some Features

  • Anti ban.
  • Customizations.
  • More privacy features.
  • Unlimited whatsapp stories.
  • Regular updates.
  • Support all android devices.
  • Status downloader.
  • File sharing limit increased.
  • Multiple new themes.

2. WhatsApp Plus

Whatsapp Plus mod apk

Whatsapp plus is almost similar to the GB whatsapp apk. It also has the best messaging features in which you have many options to control your conversation. There is also a list of new privacy features and customization features that helps you to make your whatsapp messaging app more controlled. You can download it for free it is in to 2 number of top 10 whatsapp apks for android list. Down load whatsapp Plus apk.

Some Features

  • Increase all limits.
  • More hiding options.
  • Multiple new themes.
  • Auto reply options.
  • Anti delete message.
  • Recover deleted messages.
  • Status downloading options.
  • Increase status uploading limit.
  • Increase groups limits.

3. FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp mod Apk

This whatsapp apk allows you to use multiple accounts in your one app so now you can use different accounts at the same time. It also provides a huge range of other features that are very interesting and charming. You can hide your complete appearance on whatsapp with its privacy features. Download this whatsapp apk.

Some Features

  • Anti ban
  • Status download.
  • Message scheduler.
  • Anti delta message.
  • Recover deleted messages.
  • backup .
  • New customizations.
  • New fonts styles.
  • High quality image sharing.

4. WhatsApp MA

WhatsApp MA mod apk

This modified version is also known as the most powerful whatsapp apk version which breaks all the traditional whatsapp features limits to give a new way of communication styles to their user that will definitely improve their messaging experience. it si placed in fourth number in list of top 10 Whatsapp apks for android WhatsApp MA comes with a powerful range of advanced features and also has a built-in anti ban feature. See more details and download.

Some Features

  • Clear all whatsapp log files.
  • DND mode.
  • Status Copy And download.
  • Anti Ban.
  • Hiding status.
  • New security options.
  • Wide range of privacy options.
  • Modify whatsapp official features.
  • Complete control on customizations.
  • New themes and wallpapers.

5. YO WhatsApp

YO Whatsapp mod apk

Yo whatsapp is also known as YOWA that gives you an extreme level of conversation and enhances all official whatsapp features and adds some new features. This is the best conversation app to control your social conversations with its privacy features and customizations. Download yo whatsapp apk.

Some Features

  • Anti delete messages.
  • Enable or disable Blue Ticks.
  • You can send files up to 30MB in size
  • Multiple themes collection.
  • Schedule your messages.
  • Status copy options.
  • Anti ban features.
  • Usable as Dual WhatsApp.
  • 100+ languages .
  • Hide Last Seen for individual contacts.

6. Fouad WhatsApp

FOUAD WhatsApp mod apk

Fouad Whatsapp is made for these people who want to use modified features and increase their social communication experience with new modified features that they have never used before. As it has many new features to improve privacy, customization and way of chatting with friends. This advanced version converts your whatsapp to a new whatsapp of your own choice. Download whatsapp FOUAD Apk Latest Version.

Some Features

  • Improve speed of your phone device.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Individual chat lock.
  • Wide range of new themes.
  • Hide Blue Microphone.
  • Can send a file up to a size of 1GB.
  • Send batches of up to 100 images.
  • Status Downloader
  • Share Longer Stories

7. OG WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp mod apk

If you are searching for the best whatsapp apk with new features and modified existing features to improve your whatsapp experience then there is a single name OG WhatsApp. You have almost all the modified features that you need for your social communication, you have privacy features, customization and too many other messages features. Download Latest version of OG whatsapp Apk.

Some Features

  • You can change your whatsapp theme.
  • New wallpapers.
  • Anti ban feature.
  • Anti delete messages.
  • Status downloader and copy.
  • Customize interface.
  • New collection of new styles fonts.
  • Bunch of privacy features.
  • Large file sharing.

9. SOULA WhatsApp

SOULA WhatsApp mod apk

This wonderful whatsapp advanced version is for those who are more concerned about their privacy and mobile device performance. download this modified version of whatsapp and enjoy limitless privacy settings that you have never used before in your life and you have other new features in customizations and security. You have the ability to change your whatsapp interface and all privacy settings according to your own choice. It is completely free of cost and you can download it from any trusted website.

Some Features

  • New and unique Interface.
  • Status character limit Increased.
  • Status Downloader.
  • Multiple privacy features.
  • New security features.
  • Update new themes.
  • Auto reply options.
  • Anti delete messages feature.
  • Anti view once featured.

10. YC WhatsApp

YC WhatsApp mod Apk

If you are looking for whatsapp that completely changes your whatsapp appearance and gives you a new trend of messaging and has too many new advanced features in its privacy settings then go and download YC whatsapp apk that is free of cost and you can use it safely in your mobile phone. You have many new and advanced features in this YC whatsapp, we list this whatsapp version in the last number of Top 10 Whatsapp advanced versions for Android that doesn’t mean that it has bugs or errors, it is also a most popular and downloaded version of whatsapp apks.

Some Features

  • Anti ban feature.
  • Status hide option.
  • Download anyone’s status.
  • New privacy options.
  • Multiple customizations.
  • New theme collection.
  • Anti delete message.
  • DND mode.
  • Regular updates.


There are too many whatsapp apks available with advance and new features that are not available in official whatsapp. We listed top 10 whatsapp advanced versions for android on the basis of their features and popularity. Whatsapp apks have some new added features and also modified existing features that official whatsapp have. These whatsapp apkshave a huge range in privacy features, customization and messaging section. You have too much customization in which you can give a new look to your personal whatsapp, you can make your whatsapp completely private with new privacy settings. These whatsapp apks are not available on google play store but you can download it from this website.


Whatsapp mod is a modified version of official whatsapp with new and modified features

Yes, you can say that whatsapp apks are secure but we don’t recommend you to use this for your personal use if you need these advanced features that you can use at your own risk.

Yes, it is possible that you may get banned from whatsapp while using the modified version.

You can download whatsapp mods from our website and any other trusted whatsapp mods providers.

Yes it has 25 different language.

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