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OB WhatsApp

OB whatsapp is the latest version of Whatsapp lite with many unique features provided by third party developers to enhance the features in whatsapp. Allows users to customize their whatsapp according to their needs, as this modified version allows to make your whatsapp more customized.

Android .08+

Version: 3.0.6

76 MB

Are you looking for whatsapp that has some extra features, those are missing in the original whatsapp? So you are at the right place. There is a mod version of original whatsapp which has many extra features which are not provided by whatsapp named OB WhatsApp.

OB WhatsApp apks
OB WhatsApp Apks

OB WhatsApp mod

This is the modified version having many trending features which are highly in demand users are moving on mod versions because they provide best features like you can stop other to deleting send messages and status, hide your online status, make your whatsapp more private, you can change theme, colors, fonts and it is totally free no ads and anti ban.

This is the most popular version of whatsapp lite provided by third party developers to meet the current demons of users to make their whatsapp more reliable and customized.

Application Information

App Name OB WhatsApp
Size76 MB
Latest Update 1 Day Ago
ModsOB Green, OB Pink, OB Blue, OB burgundy
Category Social Media
Operating System Android

OB WhatsApp Download Latest Version V42

OB WhatsApp Requirements

Operating systemVersion
AndroidOS 4.1 or above
iPhoneiOS 12 or above
KaiOS2.5.0 or above

Main Features

Hiding Online Status

This modified version is one of the best versions that allows users to hide their online status so people can not see that you are online or offline. This makes your whatsapp more private.

Hide View Status

Do you love to see your friends and family status and stories without knowing them ? This whatsapp version gives you a fantastic feature in which you can see others’ status and stories without knowing them. They can not find you in the list of people who see their status.

Download status

Are you tired of asking your friends and contacts to share their status with you? Then download OB WhatsApp mod apk and download your friends status with in one click.

Long status

This modified version of whatsapp allows you to write long status as compare to the simple whatsapp, WhatsApp OB mod give you the 225 characters limit to write the status but original whatsapp give 130 characters limit only in this way you can increase the limit of your status and express you emotion in better way.

Stickers and emojis 

Emojis, stickers and Gifs are very important in your chats to express your feelings and emotions. In the original whatsapp you have limited emojis and stickers but this version gives you more and more emojis and stickers and allows you to download more.

Hide typing status

When you are typing any message or making a voice note then receivers see the status of “typing” or “recording” which means that sender is sending message so if you want to hide you that status, this mod helps you to hide your typing status so receiver can not able to see “typing” status even while you are typing.

Islamic collection

This whatsapp mod apk gives you the best ever feature in which it offers you a beautiful Islamic collection including Quran And Hades.

Home customization

In original whatsapp there is a simple non customizable home screen and theme and users have been bored to use the same colors and same theme since 2013. OB whatsapp mod apk gives you the customization feature in which you can change themes, colors, fonts styles and many other customization options you can make your whatsapp home according to your choice.

Personal Experience

As a whatsapp user I use many whatsapp versions to enhance my user experience. There are some other whatsapp mods which also have unique features like GB whatsapp, King Whatsapp, BT whatsapp and others have great features. When i use whatsapp mod apk i found some extra unique features and more customization in this version. It is more reliable and face to use. I have been using this for the last 4 months and there is no banning in it. Its working is very smooth and has more privacy options including hiding status, preventing you from deleting messages and many more security options like make a chat lock with multiple options like pattern, PIN lock and fingerprint. I recommend you to use this mod version at least one time you will definitely love it.

How to Download and Install OB WhatsApp for Android

It is very simple and easy to download and install the obwhatsapp mod apk. You have to know that the source is trusted. You have to download the mod apk file from a trusted source.
You can download the file from the download link given above because we provided the protected file you can download an install without any hassle.
Here are some steps to follow:

  • Allow third party download on your mobile.
  • Download the file from the above link.
  • Open file and press install.
  • Allow all required permissions.
  • Installation will complete in a few moments.
  • Enter your mobile number to verify.
  • Enjoy obwhatsapp mod apk.

How to Download and Install OB WhatsApp for PC

If you want to use whatsapp on your pc you need an emulator first to run android app on your pc.
Here is the step by step guide:

  • First download the emulator on your pc.
  • Then download the whatsapp mod apk file.
  • Open the emulator and copy the download file from the pc and paste in the emulator.
  • Open the file and install.
  • It will require some permissions.
  • Allow all required permission.
  • After installation completed verify you phone number
  • You obwhatsapp is ready to use.


This is the whatsapp mod version in which third party developers give many extra features which are missing in the original whatsapp. You are able to change the theme from a typical whatsapp to modified and make it more color full, make extra privacy and security, you have many other features which make a more beautiful user interface and user experience.


It is an alternative to whatsapp with many extra features provided by third party developers.

Usually whatsapp is downloaded from google play store but this is a third party application so it is not available on play store. You can download this from our website.

Simply download and install the app and verify with your mobile number and use.

This whatsapp version has many exciting features which improve your communication on whatsapp and give you a very friendly user experience.

Yes it is totally legal, all the documents and paperwork terms and conditions are done.

No, it’s totally free.

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