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Whatsapp IMUNE

Whatsapp IMUNE is the one of the most downloaded versions of WhatsApp mods community. Although this mod apk has great usage in American countries.it has a huge potential to spread worldwide. It has some extra unique features not offered by the original whatsapp. You will definitely enjoy its features.

Android .08+

Version: 3.0.6

58.68 Mb

What is WhatsApp IMUNE ?

Use of whatsapp is increasing day by day. Many people prefer to use whatsapp with some extended features to enjoy the conversion. It comes with many mod features like hide online status, recover deleted messages and more.

This is the unique mod version of original whatsapp having charming features which will blow your mind.it is not more popular in the world but this mod has more users in latin America regions such as Argentina, cuba and pero.

Whatsapp IMUNE apk

This application is totally free and it doesn’t have ads, this app is based on the original whatsapp with all the features of whatsapp and also some new features that are not available in original whatsapp. It is very lightweight and it does not occupy more space on your mobile. You can use your whatsapp on more then one mobile.

Application Information

App Name WhatsApp IMUNE
Size58.68 MB
Latest Update 1 Day Ago
ModsAll Modified features
Category Social Media
Operating System Android

WhatsApp IMUNE Download Latest Version V13.0

IMUNE WhatsApp Requirements

Operating systemVersion
AndroidOS 4.1 or above
iPhoneiOS 12 or above
KaiOS2.5.0 or above

Main Features

Dark mode

IMUNE Whatsapp has a dark mode option which is not available in your official whatsapp, this mod application allows you to change into dark mode on a single click.


Original whatsapp gives you a single theme and you are not able to change its theme but here Whatsapp IMUNE is the mod version which gives you the ability to change your whatsapp theme. There is a theme store having multiple beautiful and eye-catching themes.

User interface

This mod application has a unique logo and outstanding user interface. You have multiple customization options to change the entire look of your whatsapp you can change its theme, colors, font style and many other options.

Speed optimize

This is a very high speed application which works without any errors and bugs. In its last update developers remove and fix all the bugs and errors and improve its user experience to the next level.

Lock And Security

This application has a lock feature. You can set its own lock feature by simply enabling it from settings, if you are using the IMUNE whatsApp there is no need to use any other protection app to lock your whatsapp chat.

Dual Accounts

This whatsapp mod has the option to use multiple accounts. By enabling the option of dual accounts you can run two accounts simultaneously, you can easily switch from one account to another.


This whatsapp mod comes with Spanish language which is it’s default language. But you can change it into any other major language.

Custom Privacy

Whatsapp IMUNE comes with many extra privacy options that are not available in the official whatsapp, you can manage your privacy settings according to your requirements. For example you can make your online status hide, profile picture, recover deleted messages and many more.

Anti Ban Feature

One of the biggest issues in whatsapp mod is that WhatsApp bans its users sometimes. If you are searching for an anti ban whatsapp mod then IMUNE whatsApp is the best option for you because it comes with anti ban features which protect your account from any ban issues.

Messaging Experience

This Whatsapp mod improve you messaging experience by providing leading messages features like

Scheduled messaging

You have an option of a message schedule. You use this feature to respond to a specific targeted audience.


You can use this feature to send auto replies to your clients. You just set a template for your auto reply and on the autoresponder option.

Bulk messages

This feature is best for those users who use whatsapp for their advertisements purpose, now they can run ads campaigns of almost 1000 contacts.

Message to unsaved contact

This modified application gives a unique feature, now you can message the person whose contact number is not saved in your contact list.

Personal Experience

WhatsApp IMUNE is come with many charming features i am searching for the WhatsApp mod which can make my social conversion more reliable and private so i found IMUNE WhatsApp this is too good any essay to use. It has many extra features which are not available in the Official whatsapp you can use there feature to enhance the functionality of the whatsapp. You can hide your last seen, hide your online status while you are online, reckoner deleted messages, change your whatsapp look like font colors and style and most important is that it has an anti ban feature which gives you security to block your account. if you want to use Whatsapp mod IMUNE WhatsApp is recommended for you.

How to download and install mod file for Android

It is very easy to download and install the apk file if you still don’t know how to download the file and install it on your mobile just follow these steps:

  • Before doing anything just go to your whatsapp setting and make a chat backup to scure your chat .
  • Allow your phone to download the file from unknown resources.
  • Go to settings>security>Unknown devices and enable it.
  • Download the Apk file from the download button.
  • Open the apk file from download and install.
  • Allow all the required permissions.
  • IMUNE WhatsApp is installed in a few seconds.
  • Open the application and enter your mobile number to verify.
  • Put the opt code received on your mobile number.
  • Enjoy !

How to download and Install Whatsapp mod for PC

If you are going to use whatsapp mod on your pc, first of all you need to install an emulator on you pc:

  • Download emulators like blue stack or any other.
  • Download the apk file from the download button.
  • Open the file from your download folder in the pc.
  • Drag the file and drop into the emulator.
  • Now open the file in the emulator and install.
  • After installation is completed, open the file and enter your mobile number for verification.
  • You will receive the pin code on your mobile number copy and paste in whatsapp .
  • Enjoy your Whatsapp!


Whatsapp IMUNE is one of the best alternative of Whatsapp official for those who want more control on their conversion and privacy app has a very friendly user interface. This app is a great choice for everyone. This whatsapp mod has many advantages over ordinary whatsapp. its new look and themes give you beautiful vibes.


As we know this apk has less use in the world, it is used in few countries so it’s safe and people love to use this mod apk.

You can get whatsapp IMUNE from our website by just clicking on the download button.

Yes, you can hide your status view in this app as it provides you this feature.

There is a theme store with more than 400 themes in it. If you don’t like the play store theme, You can also create personalized themes.

You can update this whatsapp by downloading the latest version from our website.

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